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The only instructions for this game is to click, drag, and type your way to the next puzzle.
Penguin Push

Push all of the blocks into the marked areas without getting stuck.

You are a genius hired to work in a secret laboratory. Your job is to learn an alien language and translate it to English.

Move the dots around to connect them into three or more and build up fuel for your space rocket.
Find The Difference

Find the 5 different things in the picture.
Moebius Syndrome

Place down the pipes and make them connect properly to remove them before they fill the screen.

Set up the pieces rotate them and put them together 3 by 3 or greater to remove them
Fowl Words

Click on the eggs under the chickens to numerous words more words more points.

Try to get all the ray ray to stand up within the least amount of moves.
Bloomin' Gardens

Prevent the garden going wild. Get the plants in lines of 5 to clear them from the garden.
Fowl Words 2

Type out the letters and unscramble them to get points.
F1 Puzzle

Complete this Formula one indianapolis indy 500 puzzle.
Tetris 2D

Drop the blocks in this classic arcade puzzle game.
Clockwork Madness

Have a steady hand to play this game, type your name for the game to start.
Jungle Crash

Make a group of 3 or more similar colored tiles disappear.
Yellow Out

Move the cars, trucks, and automobiles to get the yellow car out of the parking lot.
Cubik Rubik

Put all the colors together.
Kore Karts

Race down these broken streets dirt roads and other tracks, don't smash into walls or you'll explode.
Slider Mania

Slide the puzzle pieces into place.
Mega Puzzle

A huge jigsaw puzzle, don't try this unless you've got about 3 hours to spare.
Puzzled Jigsaw

A Lighthouse scene Jigsaw.
Ultimate Tetrix

Based on the old classic tetris.
Monster Hatch

Hatch all of the monsters by clicking on the eggs.

Change up the lines and line them up into a circle to remove them.

Move the blocks over and match them up to remove them.
Block Buster

Break the blocks, run over the bombs, and avoid being destroyed.
Before The Storm

Rearrange the pieces of this quiet prairie side puzzle, containing grass and trees.
Ultimate Snake

Use the arrows to move left and right. Watch out for the walls and your tail.
Monster Sumo

What do you think this game is about?
Just Sudoku

A Sudoku game with lots of different puzzles to solve offline without using pen and paper.
You Da Fly

Be the fly for once.

Guide your box to the exit by using the arrow keys to move, and use the blocks to stop yourself.

Move the numbers around and line them consecutively.

Simple card game where have to stack the cards from Ace to King.
Absolutist BlackJack

Play casino style Blackjack. Hit, stand, or double down. Insure against ace.
Lights Out

Click on different light bulbs to turn them off while turning other ones on.
Star Monopoly

Get planets colonize and make money off of they in this monopoly variant.
Magic Balls

A slightly harder version of the arcade game Bust-A-Move.
Spy Hunter

Rave down the highway in your equipped car blasting through enemies and avoiding danger.

Move in with your sumo wrestler shove the other guy out of the ring.
Chain Reaction

Create a chain reaction in this wonderful puzzle game.
Fatal Puzzle

Find a way to catch the criminals push boulders get them and get your reward.
Quiz Time with Chrono

Take Chrono on the backgrounds of Super Nintendo games.
The Walls- Part two

Find the code through the clue and you can continue to the next level.
Forest Waterfall

Memorize the areas of the waterfall and then click new game to scramble it up.
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