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Ski Jump 2001

Fly down the hill hit space to jump and navigate your skiier to land him safely.

Line up your shot angle and power to kick the ball over the post.
Mini Pool

The original Mini Pool online computer game.
Track and Field

Old school classic nintendo game play different olympic sports hurdles fencing and more.
Nordic Chill

Compete in 4 winter sports events in this challenging game.

Move the blocks around into the right spots.
Keep Ups 2

How long can you keep a soccer ball up in the air?
Baseball Shoot

Pick beginner, amateur, or professional. Get ready for the pitch and swing your bat to score runs.
Squirrel Golf II

Send a squirrel flying through the air by clubbing it with a 9-iron!
Ski Simulator

Cool 3D downhill ski simulator. Very good.

How many baskets can you score before the time runs out? Are you the next hotshot?
Slamdunk Anime Game

Play a game of basketball with two players, shoot hoops, dribble, run, and score points.
Silly Golf

Play an extremely fun mini golf game.
Bat and Mouse 2

Run away from the bat as a mouse pick up the cheese and get the stop timer.
Super Bowl

Power up and change angle to bowl a strike.
Skate Boy

Stunts, stunts, and more stunts. How many can you do?
X - Hoc

Prepare your team of athletic androids for an exiting competition against fully motivated robotic rivals. Stun your opponents with aggressive tackling and outsmart them to get the ball into the rival goal.
Ultimate Field Goal

Kick a field goal.
Disc Golf

Throw the disc in to the cage in as few throws as possible.
Panda Golf 2

A panda... playing golf... sounds interesting.
Squirrel Golf

Tee up silly squirrels and try to get a hole in one.
Lawn Bowling

Throw the black bowling ball as close to the jack on the green as possible.
Ultimate Racing

Use the arrow keys to race your car around the track.
Panda Ping Pong

Play a match of table tennis against another panda and smash those virus balls with your paddle.
Beaver Blast

Shoot the beaver into the water tin. Adjust the strength and angle, and then launch him.
Sketchbook Samurai

Free spirited wackheads unite to help Hitomi fight her enemies - the evil mental Institutions.
Santa Ski Jump

Collect enough Stars over 3 jumps to progress to the next round.
Mini Putt 3

Play carpet golf on your computer.

Strap on your Ice Skating Blades and get into the skating rink to collect all the gifts scattered around.
Ping Pong

Play against computer in this classic pong style game with nice backgrounds.
Surf Point Blue

Surf the chilling waves but don't slip up or you'll fall off.
Aqua Massaqua

Row your boat and punch out sharks in this extreme rowing game.
Net Blazer

Score many baskets shoot the basketball into the hoop within limited time.
Downhill Adventure

Ski downhill on a sled and avoid hitting objects.
Keep Ups

Keep the ball up for as long as possible.
Pegote Ball

Show off your soccer skills by keeping the ball in the air by heading and kicking.
Miniclip Rally

Race around as miniclip characters in this game!
Monkey Curling

Play the sport Curling with three monkeys.
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